About Vendor Lever

We develop smart solutions to help you scale your vending business smoothly.

Who we are

We're a team of experienced software and hardware developers and vending specialists.

Smart technologies and Internet of things (IoT) have become an integral part of our everyday lives, so why shouldn’t your vending business benefit from it. With this in mind, we have gathered to create innovative solutions that will help you make use of these smart technology potentials.


As a team of dedicated professionals, we support you in addressing the challenges of the vending industry successfully. We integrate our engineering know-how with continuous market research to deliver products that will meet customer demands and optimize your management and maintenance processes.

Our goal

We're committed to making smart vending easy and eco-efficient.

To stay competitive in the vending industry, as an operator you’re facing multiple challenges. Replacing your inventory with new models is expensive and leaves you with increased electronic waste. However, if you don’t modernize your business, you can’t keep your customers engaged, and maintenance is becoming costly and time-consuming.


Our mission is to help you scale your business without having to spend huge amounts of money on new advanced models. Instead of buying new machines, with our solution you will upcycle your existing inventory and give it both the looks and the brains of a smart vending machine. This way, you will save money, make money and reduce electronic waste.


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