Our product

A comprehensive hardware and software solution that helps your vending business reach its full potential.


Upcycle and engage.

To modernize your business, you don’t have to replace your inventory with new smart models. With our solution you can upcycle it.


New touchscreen monitor and a modern door frame are installed to your old machine to give it a brand new look. Design is tailored to the specific machine model and your target market.


Core communication box is the brains that connect these new components and software features with the existing machine mechanism.


Interactive UI application creates a visually engaging interface, so your customers can enjoy the coffee ordering experience with their digital barista.

Vending telemetry

Remote monitoring.

There is no need to visit your machines so often anymore just to check their performance. With Vendor Lever telemetry it’s easy to monitor your vending business from anywhere.


The system collects real-time machine data remotely and transmits it to your management software for further processing. This way you can track product usage, machine health and inventory state much more efficiently.


It’s a plug-and-play solution, so it can be integrated into any model you operate with. Once installed and connected to your management system, it delivers valuable insights that are indispensable for business metrics and analytics.

Business management system

Make insight-driven decisions.

Planning a business strategy and improving your operations doesn’t have to be a complex and time-consuming process. Vendor Lever has developed a customizable business management system to help you make decisions based on appropriate takeaways from the data.


Once collected via the telemetry system, the machine performance data must be processes and visually presented to make it usable. Our business management system is where your machine health, sales and inventory data is served for consumption.


Communicating the metrics effectively is as much an art as it is a science. Therefore, after we define the metrics and the analytics processes, we also pay special attention to the graphical representation of the data to facilitate efficient decision making.

Vendor mobile apps

Real-time data at your fingertips.

For your services to have high level of reliability and availability, you need to identify issues in real-time to be able to resolve them as quickly as possible and keep your business running smoothly. That is why Vendor Lever created a mobile app specially designed for your technical and maintenance staff to support them in achieving high-quality performance with ease.


Our vendor mobile app provides early issue identification and diagnosis by allowing you to track real-time data on your smart phones and alerting you to take action when needed. Whether it’s the machine health status or the inventory levels, this app will enable your staff to have up-to-date information at the touch of their fingertips anytime, anywhere.


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