April 13, 2020by telego

Guess What’s Cooking


Today, coffee is one of the world’s most highly traded commodities. According to the National Coffee Association, coffee is the most consumed beverage aside from water. But there’s more to it than just being smooth liquid gold — the culture of coffee is just as important as the drink itself. From the morning rush to a leisurely afternoon to a late-night study session, the cup of coffee is as enduring as its culture is changeable. The fast-paced lifestyle and the increasing consumer preference towards easy-to-use technologies have propelled the demand for intelligent vending solutions in the coffee industry and is shaping a new generation of coffee-savvy customers.

Consumers who love a fresh cup of coffee have some great new experiences coming their way, thanks to the rising adoption of smart solutions and IoT. Smart vending machines offer more than a fresh bean-to-cup system, they include an incredible blend of new technologies for personalized advertising and eye-catching graphics. Unlike traditional machines, whose user interface is primarily selection buttons and money collectors, smart vending machines create a more engaging and enhanced user experience by employing contemporary touchscreens for navigation through product information and carrying out transactions. They also display a detailed product overview, including nutrition information, special offers, and discounts associated with these products, creating up-sell and cross-sell opportunities. In addition, smart systems offer cashless payment options to provide greater customer convenience.

When it comes to greening up our future, smart vending machines incorporate energy-efficient electronic equipment including efficient lighting components, such as LEDs, compressors and sensors, that help in conserving energy and meeting strict government policies for eco-efficient solutions.

Most of the coffee worldwide is consumed in the office environment. So, whether it’s to encourage your staff to stay on-site or provide a place for conversation away from their desks, smart vending machines can positively impact the overall atmosphere of an office for the better.