March 17, 2020by telego

Meet Your Digital Barista


A fine cup of coffee, rich in flavor, has become part of our everyday lives to the point where people expect from coffee shops not only the top quality product but also the enhanced coffee-making experience you provide. Today’s coffee culture has shaped customers’ tastes and they demand the same quality products from coffee vending machines.

Attention to detail is so important in the service industry where products can often be similar or hard to distinguish between, so always take delicate care of the coffee-making process all the way through, from bean to cup. With an advanced brewing system and precise ingredient controls, smart coffee vending solutions ensure a high-quality cup each and every time. There are so many different ways of preparing coffee that it’s no longer enough to just offer three or four products on the drink menu.

With intelligent solutions, you can add a number of coffee options to your list the easy way. Offer your guests the stylish pleasures of both traditional and modern coffee drinks, from espresso and latte macchiato to café latte, and satisfy even the most demanding of coffee lovers. By employing sophisticated mechanism and technology, the finest coffee sourcing from responsible suppliers and smart UX design, smart vending machines deliver a coffee consuming experience of having a skillful barista at your fingertips 24/7.